Department for Economy and Local Economic Development

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Department for economy and local economic development operates through two sections:

     1. Department for economy, agriculture and business premises,
     2. Department for Local Economic Development

In competence of the Department there are the following activities:

  • performing administrative – legal affairs and implementing the established policy of economy,
  • keeping the register of issued permits for work, proposing and implementing the defined policy in the field of organization and management of business premises as well as control the rational use of space, which are owned by the Municipality,
  • taking care of natural and agricultural resources of the Municipality and the development of programs for improvement of the situation in this area,
  • implementing Municipal policy established by Development strategy of the Municipality in the field of local economic development,
  • providing continuous monitoring of the implementation of strategic planning documents, updating and initiating development of project proposals in the field of economy and economic development,
  • analyzing the needs of the economic sector on the Municipal territory with the profile of the workforce and forms of incentives of the economy and entrepreneurship,
  • following the trends and possibilities of professional institutions to offer additional training of adults in accordance with the actual needs of the market and the real sector,
  • analyzing and planning measures for stimulating the economy, planning and executing the promotion of Municipal measures of economy incentives,
  • collecting programs and reports on the degree of generalization of sectoral strategies and reports,
  • collecting action plans and work programs of departments and unifies them for the purposes of the Municipal Mayor,
  • organizing and coordinating the work of the Business Development Center,
  • organizing the preparation of the overall promotional municipal materials in the field of economy, entrepreneurship, local economic development,
  • providing creation of applications by standard procedures for financing Municipal proposals,
  • following the program of construction land, coordinating with the Department of Urban Planning, Proprietary Rights, Geodetic Affairs and Real Estate Cadastre in issuing building permits for businesses,
  • preparing presentation and promotion of projects to potential investors and all other interested parties,
  • monitoring public calls in the field of economy, entrepreneurship and local economic development and other domains closely related to the above,
  • planning and carrying out projects with external partners and organizations in the field of economy and local economic development in the interest of the local community,
  • performing other tasks within the competence of the economy and local economic development.

Featured activities of the Department for Economy and Local Economic Development

  • developing a small business through the issuance of work approvals, determining purpose of activities and implementation of the policy of the business premises owned by the Municipality,
  • an active support policy for agriculture, especially in the field of food production through agribusiness and incentive measures,
  • special educational programs and practical training for actual and potential agricultural producers,
  • supporting the implementation of specific development projects – Bosnian market, cooperation with Diaspora, the development of tourism resources and projects of regional importance,
  • strategic approach to local economic development (LED),
  • new strategies of communication with the business community,
  • promotion and implementation of incentive measures in LED (Active employment policy, support for SMEs through favorable credits, support for start-up businesses, support for the employment of trainees, the organization of business events etc.),
  • development of partnerships in the implementation of LED projects,
  • certifying municipal services by BFC SEE Standard,
  • supporting the work of the Commercial / Business Council

Business Development Center

  • a specific office support for the business sector and for the unemployed,
  • continuous informing of businesses and citizens in the field of entrepreneurship,
  • E-communication with entrepreneurs,
  • Distribution of informational promo materials,
  • Counseling and mentoring services.

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