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Business Development Center of Novi Grad

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Business Development Center of Novi Grad Sarajevo is organizationally managed by the Department for economy and local economic development, within the Department of Local Economic Development (LED) and it represents a specific office support to the business sector and to the unemployed persons. It is situated as an office with a special purpose, suitable for a quick direct communication with service users from the business sector and the community, in the sector of local economic development. It is located in a new office in the reconstructed ground floor of the municipal building, built according to a unified solution for direct work with clients, regarding all functions of the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, taking advantage of easier exchange of information and the use of information technology, in order to raise the overall operation efficiency. The Center is constantly at the service to interested clients, to all subjects who work in the governmental sector, non-governmental sector and business sector in the development of entrepreneurship, free of charge every day. The Center informs, presents, and performs business lobbying…

Types of work: immediate communication (appointments and meetings with entrepreneurs, start up business and citizens), the physical insight, coordination with related services, especially with the Department for Urbanism, Property and legal Affairs and Real Estate Cadastre, the Department for investment and infrastructure, presentation, keeping records of clients through all forms of work electronically and physically.

Key services of the Center:

  1. E-communication with the entrepreneurs is managed through more than 800 e-mail addresses and it includes regular collection of business information, which is essential for a successful business, and sending that information via e-mail addresses to private businesses. Weekly collection of the most important information is collected and published on a weekly basis on the official website of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo. The practice that has been established for years involves expansion of business information related to the business environment, information from the Municipality, significant business events, public calls, educational programs… Available contact base of business entities has been made on the basis of publicly available data, placed on the website of the Municipality, in the department of economy and the information contained on the website is updated on a regular basis.

The practice mentioned above is accepted in the vast majority of entrepreneurs and we are confident that together we can work to improve this form of communication. In this regard, in order to update contact information, the Business Development Center informs and invites all interested companies operating in the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo which want to be included in the regular business information, to provide contact details of their company in e mail address of the Business Development Center.


The requested contact information is:

  1. Full name of the company
  2. Abbreviation
  3. Type of activity
  4. Responsible person
  5. Address
  6. Phone number (fixed)
  7. Mobile phone (optional)
  8. Fax
  9. E-mail
  10. Web address


* Note: The data will be added in the existing register of contact businesses that was published on the official website of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo in the department of economy and e-mail addresses of entrepreneurs on the mailing list, and it will all be used for the purposes of business information of entrepreneurs. According to the submitted data, the registry will be updated and it will be published quarterly on the municipal website.

In case of any discrepancies in the data published in the register, we are asking everyone who has information on the changed data to send an e-mail to:


                   E mail: or

                   Contact person: Elma Omerović

                   Phone number:  033 291 261


  1. Distribution of informational and promotional materials – from the Municipality and other institutions (SERDA, Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Employment Service, Employment Service of Sarajevo Canton…) collects informational and educational materials for beginners in business, businessmen, vulnerable populations, youth, women, etc., which are important for local economic development.


  1. Counseling and mentoring services – The Center is the first point of support for local economic development; it is a place of direct meetings with businessmen, beginners in business (start-up) and with all those who are even thinking about business. The Center is updating the contents of web pages for the economy and LED; it participates in the creation of promotional materials; distributes promotional materials of LED; participates in the organization of special business events related to the promotion of LED; guiding customers; it is responsible for coordination and record keeping of customer service, and for coordination with other services in the municipality. Furthermore, there are surveys for entrepreneurs in the field of LED, in order to provide more efficient services and improved information – all of this is done in order to make a step towards in approaching the business sector to local authorities and the creation and implementation of measures to encourage business development. We expect to develop joint cooperation in the future through external initiatives, and work together in order to improve services for starting business and maintaining it.


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